• Bright Ideas is a one-stop shop, which is why we offer full service design capability, right in our manufacturing facility. Our artists work directly with  architects and designers, so you can be sure you’ll receive the exact sign you envisioned.
  • The most effective sign increases visibility and recognition and acts as a major communication device for your company. Our design professionals can help you develop or adjust your existing sign to best reflect the image of your business, offering expert advice on shape, color, readability and means of illumination.

  • For projects requiring sign specification drawings, our designers will work closely with your architects to produce plans. When design and drawings are not enough, we are happy to provide sample colors and materials, or build a sample sign as a prototype so you can evaluate exactly how it will work within your concept.


  • From small, non‐illuminated signs to large, electrical signage, we can install your complete sign package. We stay in constant contact with your contractors to monitor continuously changing construction schedules and ensure everything comes together at the proper time.

Permit Procurement & Consultation

  • The permitting process is a necessity in most instances when installing a new sign or even replacing an existing sign. We have reliable permit specialists whose sole responsibility is to be knowledgeable of local sign codes and respective permitting steps so your sign will be in conformance.

  • When permits are necessary, you will typically be asked to provide a site plan and legal description of your property along with landlord approval if it has been attained. Otherwise, we can contact your landlord on your behalf to obtain their approval. Once we have landlord approval, site plan and legal description we take it from there.

  • Baring any unusual circumstances or necessary variances, you should typically allow a week for permit procurement. Once permits have been secured, the product can be released for production or fabrication. Again, we can handle all of these steps for you saving you time and energy.


  • Bright Ideas provides service to Neon, Fluorescent, LED and Pylon signs. Whether you have lights out, would like to change how your sign is controlled or what time it comes on, or maybe just a cleaning of the sign face to bring the life back to one of your businesses main attractions.  Some signs are very delicate and should only be handled by experienced technicians to avoid damage.  Bright Ideas can also replace broken, cracked, brittle and discolored sign acrylic to help your business shine.

  • Bright Ideas also repairs and maintains all types of exterior lighting to keep your business a bright, inviting and safe environment for your visitors and employees.